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We humbly confess that we have gotten to work with some pretty fine folks over the years. From musicians to chefs to tech gurus to congressmen to CEOs to yogis to authors to athletes and beyond, it is one of the true delights of following our bliss: we get to meet and work with inspirational voices of this generation.

congregate2At the same time, one guiding principle of our work at Shine A Light Productions is that no cog in the production wheel is more important than the rest, and thus stage crew, managers, security, location liaisons and whomever else we might shake hands with in the course of a shoot is treated like a partner in production, and we feel this yields the most fruitful production atmosphere.

That said, we are in the business of attracting big talent to your project and happily seek out and engage with the people you want to make your project soar. Some of the boldface names we’ve gotten to work with over the years include…

Surfing Legend Gerry Lopez compares meditation to riding a wave

Surfing Legend Gerry Lopez at the Wanderust O’ahu Speakeasy


Deepak Chopra

Congressman Tim Ryan

Adrian Grenier

Kris Carr

Aron Ralston

Marianne Wiliamson

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Gerry Lopez

Keith Mitchell

Dr. Mark Hyman

Mariel Hemingway

Jason Reitman

and many more.

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